Friday, July 3, 2009

Dracula contra Frankenstein (1971)

Main Crew:

Director: Jess Franco
(Female Vampire 1973;
Virgin Among The Living Dead 1971;
Count Dracula 1970)
Producer: Interfilme / Fenix Films
Score: Bruno Nicolai / Daniel White
Writer: Jess Franco / Paul D'Ales
Director of photography: Jose Climent

Release date: 1971 France/Spain

Dracula (Howard Vernon) kills another innocent victim and
Dr. Seward (Alberto Dalbes) decides it's time to wipe him off
the face of the earth. Armed with a hammer and a wooden
stake, he arrives at Castle Dracula and duly dispatches the
vampire Count. Next day, however, Dr. Frankenstein (Dennis
Price) arrives with his assistant, Morpho (Luis Barboo), and a
large crate containing the monster (Fernando Bilbao).

Using the blood of a Cabaret singer (Josyane Gibert) who has
been abducted by his creation, the doctor brings Dracula back
to life and uses him for his own ends. The Count and a female
vampire (Britt Nichols) continue to terrorise the town, so
Dr Seward once again sets out for Castle Dracula.

Unfortunately, he is attacked by the Frankenstein monster
and left for dead. Amira, a gypsy (Genevieve Robert), rescues
him and summons up a werewolf (Brandy) to do battle with
the forces of evil...

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Le Vixen Fatale said...

La verdad es que con las imagenes que muestras estoy alucinando, reviviendo todos los carteles generados entorno a las peliculas de Drácula y todas sus sagas...

Me impactaban mucho de peque, cuando a penas podías leer, pero los colores, las tipografías y los personajes de los carteles te llamaban tanto la atención...

Sigo siendo partidaria de la ilustración y el fotomontage para la plasmación de los carteles cinematográficos, y más para filmes de terror..