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The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman (1971)

La Noche de Walpurgis (translated as Walpurgis Night) is a
1971 Spanish horror movie starring Paul Naschy that is the
fourth in a series about the werewolf Count Waldemar
Daninsky. The film was directed by León Klimovsky and
written by Naschy and Hans Munkel.

The film has been issued in many different versions, and is
also known as Werewolf Shadow, Blood Moon, and The
Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman.


The corpse of Waldemar Daninsky [Paul Naschy] bears the
mark of the werewolf (a pentagram on his chest), so two
disbelieving coroners remove the silver bullets to prove to
themselves that there are no such things as werewolves.
Of course, the werewolf is immediately revived and kills the
two coroners on his way out the door.

Back in Paris, college students Elvira [Gaby Fuchs] and
Genevieve [Barbara Capell] are completing their "final thesis."
They've tracked down the tomb of the a 15th century Countess
Wandessa d'Arville de Nadasdy, a supposed witch and vampire.
The Countess's tomb is said to lie near a small village
somewhere in northern France, so the girls load up their car
and go in search of the place. Short on gas, daylight, and
directions, however, they accept an invitation to stay at the
rustic (meaning 'no lights, no phone, no motorcar')
countryhouse of writer Waldemar Daninsky. Over a dinner of
cold cuts and wine, Waldemar reveals that he's writing a book
about the history of gothic churches and monuments, but he
falls silent when Elvira mentions her search for Wandessa.

The girls retire for the night, but Elvira is awakened from her
sleep when Waldemar's sister Elizabeth [Yelena Samarina]
steals into the room, feels her up, attempts to strangle her,
and warns her to leave before the night of the full moon.
The next morning, Waldemar explains to Elvira that Elizabeth
lost her mental stability after the death of their father but that
she is harmless. Meanwhile, Genevieve explores the manor and
comes across a shack with blood on the walls and shackles
hanging from the ceiling. Then Genevieve is attacked by
Elizabeth, but Waldemar explains that the shackles are used to
hang game, so the girls decide to remain. In private, Waldemar
warns Elizabeth to leave the girls alone because they are his
"last hope."

Armed with papers, documents, and maps, Elvira, Genevieve,
and Waldemar go in search of Wandessa's tomb. They find and
open it uneventfully but Genevieve cuts her arm when she pulls
the silver Mayenza cross from the chest of Wandessa's cadaver,
and some of Genevieve's blood drips on Wandessa's lips. Later
that evening, of course, Wandessa [Patty Shepard] rises from her
coffin and calls Genevieve to join her in the garden where she
wets her whistle on Genevieve's blood and returns later for a
nightcap on Elizabeth. Genevieve, now a vampire, pops in for a
bite on Elvira, but Waldemar chases her away with the Mayenza
cross. With Genevieve and Elizabeth out of the way, Elvira
confesses her love for Waldemar (forgetting Marcel, her
policeman boyfriend back in Paris), and the two vow to fight
Wandessa together, although Waldemar must first take "certain
precautions" to ensure Elvira's safety because tonight is a full
moon. Waldemar wants Elvira to take the cross and spend the
night in the village, safely locked in a lodge there.

Elvira goes to the village. The full moon rises. Waldemar turns
into a werewolf and kills a camper. The next morning, Elvira
finds Waldemar wandering about in tattered clothes, so he tells
her how he became a werewolf while exploring Tibet and how
Elizabeth would chain him to a wall during full moons. Only being
stabbed in the heart with the Mayenza cross by someone who
loves him will release him from the curse. But first things first.
First, they have to destroy Wandessa. While Waldemar is out
hunting for her hiding place, Genevieve sates her thirst on Elvira.
Waldemar doesn't find Wandessa, but he does run into Genevieve
and destroys her, which releases Elvira and heals the bite marks
on her neck. Because it's another full moon tonight, Elvira places
Waldemar in shackles, but he escapes just in time to save Elvira
from being assaulted by Pierre [José Marco], the handyman.

The next morning, while Elvira is in bed with Waldemar, her
Parisien lover Marcel [Andres Resino] drives into town. He starts
asking around about Elvira's whereabouts and hears strange
stories about Waldemar Daninsky, black magic, vampires, and
young girls dying. Marcel finally gets a lead from Pierre's old
girlfriend and decides to pay Waldemar a visit. When Marcel
shows up at Waldemar's house, Elvira greets him with a less
than exuberant kiss, and Marcel realizes that something is
going on between Elvira and Waldemar. Marcel threatens to
launch a fullscale investigation into the rumors surrounding
Waldemar, so Waldemar talks Elvira into leaving with Marcel.

Tonight is Walpurgisnacht, the night when Satan rules the earth
and Wandessa will have all her powers. Thinking Elvira safe,
Waldemar steps up his search for Wandessa. However, Wandessa
is holding Marcel and Elvira in her lair while she prepares to make
Elvira a blood sacrifice to her Lord and Master, Satan. Just as
Wandessa is about to plunge the knife into Elvira, however,
Waldemar wanders in and rescues Elvira. But the full moon is on
the rise, and Waldemar transforms into a werewolf.

As Elvira and Marcel watch, vampire and werewolf battle it out.
The werewolf ultimately reduces the vampire to a bony shroud
crawling with waxworms. Elvira suddenly grabs the Mayenza
cross and, with all the love in her heart, plunges it into the
werewolf's heart. The werewolf turns back into Waldemar, and
Elvira and Marcel leave the tomb with their arms around each


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