Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boris Karloff Blogathon

The 2009 Boris Karloff Blogathon is set to begin on November 23rd!

Blogs all over the world will be posting about the life and art of one
of filmdom's most famous fiends, Boris Karloff. So far over 100 blogs
have signed up – click here to see a complete list of participating
blogs at the Frankensteinia site.

Beginning on November 23 — Karloff’s 122nd birthday — and on
through the 29th, bloggers far and wide are invited to post something
about Boris, his life and his wide-ranging career.

There is much to explore… His film work spanned five decades. He
clocked some 75 films through the silent era before he landed and
nailed the iconic part of The Monster in Frankenstein, a film that is
almost 80 years old and still seen and admired. The sequel, The Bride
of Frankenstein, is a motion picture classic. In his path through the
history of horror films, Karloff collaborated with James Whale, Val
Lewton, Mario Bava and Roger Corman. He proved equally at ease in
all genres, including comedies.

Away from films, Boris Karloff became a Broadway star with Arsenic
and Old Lace, The Lark and he was Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

He enjoyed a successful radio career and he was one of the first
Hollywood actors to embrace television, appearing in live drama,
in his own series — notably Colonel March of Scotland Yard and
Thriller — and as a frequent and popular guest on talk and variety
shows. He was the model and the Grammy Award-winning voice
of The Grinch. He made numerous spoken word records, reading
fairy tales to children and, in print, he lent his name to horror and
mystery anthologies and a line of comic books.

In real life, Boris Karloff was a gentleman, a cricket fan and a brave
founding member of the Screen Actor's Guild.

It’s been forty years since Boris Karloff passed away, yet his star
shines as bright as ever. This November 23, bloggers will come
together and share film reviews, profiles, images, thoughts and
remembrances and, I am sure, surprises. I, as a reader, am looking
forward to it.

Scared Silly

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