Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dracula by Tha (2009)

Tha career began in his early life in 1970 in the children's
magazine Patufet "by Bruguera where there happens to be
responsible for inking the pencils of unforgettable designers
and Ibáñez, Raf (Sir Tim O´Theo), Escobar (Zipi y Zape) o
Martz-Schmidt (El Profesor Cataplasma).

Five years later began working in the TBO, where he does
graphic work in addition to their own pages. It is also
responsible for keeping the pages of the TBO to censorship,
to receive the approval of the censor or his instructions on
what to tweak (it was another era, but even today kidnapped

In the TBO meets Paco Mir (yes, the Tricicle) and Sirvent, with
whom they later would create the page weekly "On Wednesday,
the market" in the magazine El Jueves.

August Tharrats (Tha).

By that time already begun to develop the aspect of Tha as a
musician. In 1981 he also began to work alone on Thursday,
where in the course of 18 he published the series "XXI Cycle"
"What People" and "Absurdus Delirium. The collaboration ended
(inexplicably, at least for the writer) but a week later Tha receives
a call from the DreamWorks who intend to work in the display
of characters, including film "Spirit". Subsequently published in
the journal Cimoc Editorial Standard Series "War of the Gods"
Andreu scripted by novelist Martin.

Tha Recent work are closely linked with the artwork: a series of
3 drawings to one disk of "Ojos de Brujo" and especially the
wonderful illustrations she has done to illustrate the youth version
2 classics: "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" published by La Galera on
his label "Petits Universals", examples of which adorn the text.

As a jazz musician, captaining his trio, August Tharrats has released
3 albums: Bluetime (1995), Grand Hotel Havana (1997) and NonStop
(2003), which lead us to the piano boogie-woogie blues via pop.
This master of the brush and keyboard will delight us with their
music, their presence and bonhomie. And we, excited.

Escola Joso
Tha - MySpace

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