Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Las Hijas de Dracula (1974)

Vampyres (1974) is an erotic and bloody lesbian vampire film
directed by Spanish film director José Ramón Larraz on location
in England.

>>Alternative titles are:

-Blood Hunger
-Daughters of Dracula (USA)
-Satan's Daughters
-Vampyres, Daughters of Dracula
-Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness (USA)


It is getting dark. John [Brian Deacon] and Harriet [Ally Faulkner]
have not yet found a place to park their camper. They pass two
mysterious women in the road and pull up beside a deserted
castle where they intend to pass the night. For days they camp
there, not knowing that during the days the two women, Fran
[Marianne Morris] and Miriam [Anulka], lie asleep in the cemetery
while at night they pick up men and take him to their castle.

There, they feed them wine, have passionate sex, and then stab
them to death while drinking their blood. The only exception is
Ted [Murray Brown], who manages to survive for three nights in
a row. One evening Ted escapes. He runs to the camper to enlist
John and Harriet's help. When John goes to start the car, Fran and
Miriam get him. When Harriet goes to check on John, the girls get
her. Ted apparently gets away.


They shared the pleasures of the flesh, and the horrors of the grave!

>>Production Notes:

Though initially heavily censored in the UK it is now available uncut
on DVD with a commentary from the director Larraz and the producer
Brian Smedley-Aston.

A novelisation was published in 2001 by Tim Greaves, a fan of the film.


-Marianne Morris- Fran
-Anulka Dziubinska-Miriam
-Murray Brown-Ted
-Brian Deacon-John
-Sally Faulkner-Harriet
-Michael Byrne-Playboy
-Karl Lanchbury-Rupert
-Margaret Heald-Receptionist
-Gerald Case-Estate Agent
-Bessie Love-American Lady
-Elliott Sullivan-American Man



Lolita said...

Reminds me of Andy Warhol's "Blood for Dracula", that had nothing to do with Warhol but a lot to do with a vomiting Udo Kier...

MANDRA said...

Lolita, you're absolutely right. As I don´t like Udo Kier. I haven´t ever considered.